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Boys & Girls Clubs of America provide safe places, caring mentors and life-enhancing programs that prepare kids and teens for great futures.

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Safe Places

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Workforce Readiness

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Diversity, Equity
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Youth Advocacy

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Mental Health

Whatever It Takes

This is our mantra, our promise, as we help kids become their best selves on their paths to great futures. Focusing on six key areas, we:

  • Create Safe Places

  • Provide Caring Mentorship

  • Meet Youth Mental Health Needs

  • Bridge the Workforce Readiness Gap

  • Champion Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Ensure Our Youth Advocacy Elevates Issues Impacting Youth

Safe Places Are Our Foundation

Since the very first Club opened in 1860 with the purpose of giving local kids a safe place to go, safety has been the No. 1 priority of Boys & Girls Clubs.

After all, safety is where it all begins. Our data shows that environments that are safe, positive and inclusive are essential for young people’s development. When kids feel safe, they’re empowered to learn, connect with their peers and explore their interests. At Boys & Girls Clubs, kids and teens can rely on a safe, consistent and welcoming environment where they can focus on what’s most important – being a kid.

The landscape of youth safety has drastically changed in our 160+ year history. From public health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic to the Internet’s impact on bullying and self-esteem, kids face new threats to their stability and well-being each day.

To meet the evolving safety needs of kids, families and communities, Boys & Girls Clubs of America works continuously to enhance safety policies, practices and trainings to ensure youth are safe and protected. Providing safe spaces for youth is our No. 1 job.

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"89% of Club members say they can talk to an adult at the Club if they have a problem."

According to BGCA NYOI data

Preparing Youth for
Great Futures

To help young people meet the workforce challenges of tomorrow, they need safe spaces, positive mentorship and work experiences today. At Boys & Girls Clubs, we allow kids and teens to:

  • Explore their interests and passions

  • Develop their employability skills

  • Apply their knowledge to real-world experiences

Millions of young people face an uncertain future and competitive job market. Boys & Girls Clubs help young people stay on track in the midst of change.

Your gift to Boys and Girls Club of Cuero powers hundreds of academic support hours, thousands of meals and snacks, and countless smiles at our Club.

Your gift can help change a child's future.

Inspiring Positive Change

Our mission centers around nurturing the enormous potential inside every young person.

Kids and teens deserve access to experiences and opportunities that change their lives for the better – regardless of their socio-economic status, color of their skin or other factors that contribute to inequity or prejudice in the U.S. today.

Clubs provide inclusive environments where youth of all races, abilities, gender expressions and backgrounds are encouraged to express themselves and deepen their understanding of and respect for others. Through community service, leadership programs and elevating their voices on critical issues such as race equity and social justice, Club kids and teens work together to create positive change and envision a better tomorrow.

All kids deserve the right to be themselves, feel a sense of belonging and have access to opportunities that support their great futures.

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"95% of Club members say the people at their Club accept them for who they are."

According to BGCA youth outcome data

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Advocating for America's Youth

Every kid in America deserves access and opportunities that support them in reaching their full potential. But all too often, kids face systemic barriers to their success.

Our advocacy ensures youth voices are heard in their local communities and at the state and federal level as we champion policies and solutions that will have the greatest impact on the youth of this country. Boys & Girls Clubs of America is committed to bringing Club kids and staff to the table to ensure safety, digital access, meals and more are priorities at the state and national level.

And along the way, we show kids and teens how to become their own change agents and advocates. We help kids elevate their voices on the issues that matter most to them. We show them that their opinions, feelings and perspectives matter. They stand up and speak out – and the world is taking notice.

Someone Who Cares

Someone to look up to. Someone to talk to about dreams and fears. Someone to celebrate victories big and small. A good mentor is there to listen, to support, to care.

With more than 400,000 trained staff and volunteers, we provide caring guidance and support to millions of kids and teens across America in order to help them grow into confident, capable adults.

In a mentoring program at the local Boys & Girls Club, young people find positive adult mentors in staff and volunteers who notice their strengths, listen to their concerns and open up doors of possibility. From connecting youth to a program that deepens their interests to sparking their curiosity in a future career field, inspiring mentors help kids and teens explore their full potential.

There are also plentiful benefits of mentors — including helping prevent early drug use, encouraging teens to be college- and career-ready, and promoting positive mental health outcomes. Kids in youth mentoring programs are also more than 50% less likely to skip school.

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Mental Health

Empowering kids with the skills to manage
their emotions and build resiliency

Supporting the mental health of kids and teens is more important than ever.

Growing up can be hard on a young person of any generation, but today’s kids and teens are facing an ever-evolving pandemic, civil unrest and racial inequality, school shootings, social pressures online and systemic inequities that create barriers to success.

It’s no surprise that young people are feeling stressed.

Mental health and wellness are just as important as physical health and fitness and can impact our participation in and enjoyment of life. And for kids and teens, it’s critical to nurture mental health and address any mental health concerns early – 50% of all lifetime cases of mental illness begin by age 14 and 75% by age 24.

Clubs equip young people with the skills they need to manage their emotions and build resiliency so they can engage in every opportunity that comes their way. Trained, caring staff know that the key is to establish a trusting relationship and open dialogue that help staff and youth recognize changes in thoughts, feelings and behaviors, as well as know when to get help.

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"About 20% of children experience an impairing mental health disorder."

Protecting Youth Mental Health: The U.S. Surgeon General's Advisory


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